Sunday, 25 March 2018

Grade 5 (This was meant to be posted in the begging of 5th grade)

The first week of grade 5 was a good week. The first problem was finding our classroom search the place we were meant to and its not there and turns out that its in a totally different place than it actually was. In the first week I got to know a couple of new people and got to play games like four square with them at recess. I am enjoying school so far with my best friends Cameron, Phan Anh, Oskar and Benjamin. I enjoyed doing the four fours in Math I couldn't solve 9&11 but I solved the rest to 20

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Weekly Blog

This week I was working on the PYPX. I did a lot of stuff. My group is SDG14 Plastic bags B. We are currently working on an idea that requires a lot of plastic bags. Our idea is to put 2 goldfish in two different tanks and put plastic in one of them and not the other. It works as a hook for little kids and can attract other people as well, then we ask them a question, "which one seems to be swimming happily?" And then we introduce them to our project. That is only a future plan and we don't know if we will actually do it. We got permission from Ms Tina to bring in animals to the UNIS perimeter and my group members seem to dig the idea so I am pretty sure we will do it. I need to work on not talking too much for example we ended up talking about spelling and then to dinosaurs so I need to work on that. I am doing well in working an research and I have a lot of prior knowledge of sea animals so that came in handy

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

French Family Project

Today I did a french project about my family. I wrote about my parents and my siblings with a description to describe them

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

French Reflection

In french class we had to do a writing assignment about our family and describe it like the eyes, hair, looks and ETC. The most challenging thing was writing up to 150 words and about five family members. I didn't achieve that goal but I did a decent job at the rest of the objectives. I was successful when I managed to stay on task because I am easily distracted.
This is what I wrote

Thursday, 18 January 2018


In reading we did a remix of "reading what's up with that!?" I was partners with Il Woo adn wrote a script before I filmed mehself and then I filmed Il Woo.
We did factorisation with our partner we had for reading and chose a random number and repeated
We did the government thing and found out about our roles and what we do. I am the environmental and health safety guy.  

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Shark Tank, Solar, Europe

Europe Shark Tank

In the very beginning we had numbers that represented our groups and I ended up with me, Zach, Julius and Maral. Later on we played white elephant to determine our energy sources. My group ended up with solar power because of a misunderstanding but none of us regret that choice.  We then researched about it and filled in the 8 questions the sharks (judges) were going to ask. I had the role of no. 4 & 8 while my other group members filled in the rest. We had some time to work on the pitch but not as much as other groups since we were the Europe group that had less time to work on it. When we went in the tank we made a mistake, Zach which was meant to say 2 and 3 ended up saying my part (no.4) and I only got a chance to say no.8 which wasn't as much since no.4 was the main big part, and another mistake was that the shark forgot to ask a question so Maral had to jump in to finish off. I explained about the CD solar panel but it wasn't working since I rushed but luckily the sun wasn't up which made it so that the sharks won't know if it's working or not. We ended up with a round of applause from the audience and our presentation was done. Later on in maths class we figured out the mean of the 3 points but unfortunately we didn't make it to our solar group and so on. 

That's all Folks!